Proper programming of fertilizer must be taken into account resulting from the soil test or the refractometer reading of the crop, the effect on soil health or the relationship of such fertilization to insect, disease and weed pressures. TRTC is trialing the use of Compost and Compost Tea for replacing topsoil that have been lost or addicted to using pesticides. Caring for your soil is like entrusting your assets to an investment broker and five years later, noticed that your real net worth (principal) had decreased. You probably would no longer leave your assets with that broker even if he/she claimed he/she was getting record yields.

With ecological conversions of minds and heart, TRTC’s soil re-generation activities have taken into account several factors including the proper use of fertilizers, the best cultural practices employed, climate, availability of water, farmers management ability and not forgetting the economics factors. Compost is Wealth.


Matured compost ready for the field.

Wood chips for mulching and compost.

Proposed compost material: dried leaves and wood chips as source of carbon.

Piled compost using the eight weeks system.

Field direct application.

Being used as a potting media for vegetables seedlings.

Compost being applied on raised bed farming method.

Compost is used also for TRTC COVID tunnel.